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Hi, I'm new to this forum, looking for some support..... I am struggling alot with depression, GAD and PTSD. Symptoms have manifested themselves physically( pouring sweat, afraid to leave the house, insomnia, teeth clenching, diarrhea, chest pain/tightness, shaky...etc etc.... I have dealt with this as long as I can remember, but managed it pretty well up until a few years ago. I have tried just about everything over the years, and since I have moved to TX a few months ago, I no longer have health insurance and am terrified because I don't know how much longer I can go on feeling like this. My husband is somewhat supportive, but often makes me regret sharing how I feel with him, so I've sworn never again.... Same goes for my family, I'm expected to just "get over it, deal with it etc etc....." Add that to the fact that I am alone most of the time, no friends or family, just a part time job that I can barely manage, and financial stress as well as my father dying from cancer....I feel desperate and panicked now almost 24/7. I haven't slept in weeks, and have lost about 10 lbs this month alone. I have no access to a Dr nor can I afford a therapist, medication.... What do I do??? I was on an anti depressant and Xanax, but have not taken any medication in months, due to well, lack of money.... I don't know what to do.

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I am new .... I suffer with Anxiety. I work part time because of the Anxiety. It causes financial difficulties. I have fought this battle for years ! ..... it's really flared off for me the last two weeks.... it sneaks up on you ... starting to cancel occasions as I don't like being to far from home, due to the vile physical symptoms .... balance/giddy, which I think is posture related due to anxiety and tensing up my muscles .... panic attacks ! Only this time it seems different, there is a sadness with this bought !


Sounds very familiar.... Can't tell you how many jobs I've lost because the symptoms were so out of control. Mornings are the hardest for me, I seem to wake up panicked and nervous, and when that cycle starts, it's so hard to control. We sound alot alike .... I think for me the feelings of shame and guilt for being this way and the burden I feel like I am to others, produces such a crippling feeling of worthlessness that propels me into the depression. Over the years I've explored possible medical reasons for the anxiousness, hoping perhaps it was a thyroid or adrenal gland issue, since that would be an easy solution in my eyes.... Much better than knowing its all in my head.... I feel your pain, I do.

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