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Why do I always feel like this?

Today I'm emotionally done. I couldn't sleep at all last night bc I had horrible heartburn and a headache. Today I'm all alone in bed and can't stop thinking why does God still want me in this world when I have nothing to offer and no purpose. I'm done opening up to people bc no one understands or maybe I'm just helpless I don't know. Maybe the abusive relationship actually affected me a lot more than I thought but I have a domestic violence support group on Tuesday and I'm dead afraid of going bc I know I'm going to have sometime of attack

I don't know what to do anymore

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Naty sweetheart what you do is hang on tight, by your fingertips if necessary but hang on. Allow yourself to feel awful but know you will start feeling better the more you move on from the terrible time you are going through.

Just think about it - you have had to bring up very painful emotions and memories from your time with your abusive husband. If that isn't enough your dear friend passed as well. Sometimes it doesn't just rain but it pours. For the meantime just accept how you are feeling. I know it's a clicque but time really is a great healer and the more distance you put between these events the better you will feel.

You will not feel like this forever you know but accept that life throws us curveballs sometimes and all you can do is endure.

We all understand here so you are never alone. We all know your worth and will keep telling you how strong and brave you are being. Big hugs xxx

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When you say that you have no purpose and nothing to offer thats the depression talking and is the furthest thing from the truth. Those feelings are understandable when times are tough and it feels like there's no hope but they're not true. I used to think the same way about God and that he was punishing me etc. but I switched my mindset and instead realized he was teaching me strength. It's okay if you have problems at your support group, no one is going to judge you and they're there to help. I'm sorry to see that your friend passed away, I can't imagine what that feels like. I was in an abusive relationship as well not so much physically but emotionally and sexually, I thought I was over it but since I've started going to therapy they've made me dig into it and realize I'm still carrying a lot of these issues in the form of ptsd. It's rough but you really do have to bring up horrible unresolved emotions before you can make any progress. You're strong and there's people that wish the best for you!

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Naty, everyone here is for you. We are all on your side. Life isn't always fair a day it doesn't always make sense and sometimes we feel so overwhelmed but God promises that he will never allow anyone to go through something that they can't handle. You are stronger than you realize. It's not the easy times in life that teach us the greatest lessons, its the tough times. Enduring trials builds us up and makes us stronger and better people. Just put one foot in front of the other and take each day one at a time. Even if you breakdown at your support group I guarantee you won't be the first or last to do so.


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