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Hey everyone

Hey everyone, Im new to this site. I found this site accidentally and I must say I am happy I did. I'm hoping that in being part of this community I will be able to help you guys as well as myself out.

I'm hoping I could receive some feedback/ advice on dealing with a partner who is constantly on their phone. I tried talking to her about it but it only makes things worse. I am now realizing that her increased phone use makes me anxious and upset. It's gotten to the point where part of me does not want to stay in the relationship. I don't want to just leave her because of this inconvenience but I really don't know what to do.

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I actually have and she gets angry. I recently, literally today found out that she's cheating on me, so that explains everything


thank you very much, I hope all goes well for your relationship, Wish you nothing but the best!


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