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Anxiety to the MAX

Hi, I've been having this tight feeling in my chest for about 4 or 5 days now. I went to the ER, they ran several tests and told me it was anxiety and GERD.... Gave me some medicine for the GERD and sent me on my way. It is not helping at all and what I really need is an immediate appointment with a psychiatrist but I can't get in to see one until October 5th!!!!! I feel like I'm losing my mind, I need to see someone sooner and maybe some anti anxiety meds. Why is it soooo damn hard to see someone for mental health? And why is it so expensive? I need help coping, I have been coping but now it's gotten so bad, it's turned physical. I don't know what to do, help.... Do I go to the ER again.,?

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Anxiety is so bad sometimes I feel I might combust. If this is how you feel then I would go back to the ER. They can help you if you request that they do. Anxiety is a treatable condition. As another possibility, call the Doctors office and ask if they can get in a little sooner considering how you feel. I do mindful breathing to quiet my mind. I hope you feel better😁


Yes anxiety can be terrifying, and manifest into many physical conditions. I have been dealing with severe anxiety for a very long time. I agree with the first reply to return to the ER and let them know you are not able to cope with this at all - they should have all of the resources to get you some immediate help. Also, try to remember to breath (I know, easier said than done). I find myself holding my breath for so long, with tension in my shoulders so tight - feel like they are up to my ears. Try focusing on your breath when you can think of it, taking in deep, slow breaths through your nose, and slowly exhaling through your mouth. Please know you are not alone. Sending you positive vibes.


I agree with both of the other people who posted. I have one suggestion, try an emergency clinic and explain to them your situation. I had a very scary anxiety attack back in january. My arms seized up, I would describe it like the worst muscular cramps imaginable. My neck and tongue even started to seize, I could barley talk and I didn't even know I had anxiety at the time. I thought I was having a stroke. When I went to the clinic they did some stoke tests and the Dr. said that although I could have had a mild stroke it was more likely a really bad anxiety or panic attack. He prescribed me a months supply of a anti anxiety medication, paxil I believe. I know a months worth won't get you through to October but will probably be better then nothing.. I couldn't really tell if the medication was working for me as my anxiety had not reared its ugly head on a day to day basis at that point.. I hope you can find the peace in your mind that anyone who has or does suffer from anxiety knows all too well.. Try exercising, running, bicycling or something physically similar. I have found it helps you breath and if you are doing running, swimming or something count your steps or strokes to keep your mind busy.


Thank you guys for your helpful replies, great ideas on taking my mind off the anxiety. I changed the way I was eating completely, to solve the GERD problem, staying busy and keeping active. Today was better! The tightness is still lurking but at least it's not consuming me. If it attacks at full force again, I will not hesitate going to the ER.

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