Today was the hearing for my abuser it didn't go as planned but I can't do anything about it. I'm stressed to the point of breaking. My anxiety is HIGH. My friend's passing is hitting me harder and harder. How can someone live without the person who was there to make you smile and lighten up the mood even thru social media?

I am a total mess today and I'm just done. I would rather just get off everything and mourn everything alone.

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  • I'm so sorry it didn't go as planned. What is the next step for your hearing? Right now it's time to take care of you as you mourn and grieve. But know this - you are surviving and you will survive this loss.

  • Sorry it's hard. Was thinking about you since this morning. Too much stress for one day, let alone a lifetime. Feel free, if safe to mourn alone in peace. We are here for you if need be.

  • Maybe you need some time to yourself for some quiet while all this sinks in. Some of us have been looking for you but didn't receive your posts and you were probably too involved with all that has happened to respond to our PMs. So sorry for your loss, and the apparent poor outcome of the court hearing of your estranged husband. When you're ready, we're here.

  • Natty,

    There is a certain man in Oklahoma who I think would like to hear from you....he had talked you down from your very bad night a few weeks ago, and has handsome challenges lately too. Don't think his heard from you and glad been worried about you. We don't all get the same posts at the same time it looks like as I haven't seen your posts recently either, and you and I had one of those nights too. So good to see your post this time, even if it wasn't good news.

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