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Me time?

My husband went to visit his mom in another town. I didn't mind too much. So after a few days he came home, ( he was on vacation). So while he was off he didn't do very much. Granted he cooked, snd cleaned the kitchen. What he didn't do was take out the trash, offered to clean clothes, and such. My days off are split, so i'm always having to clean something or grocery shop. I'd like to get my hair cut, just get away, seems like i can't. Not to mention i'm on a tight budget. This is really getting to me.

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I hear ya. It feels like I am always doing something. Running back and forth to work, chasing my toddler, cleaning. Yet my husband always seems to find time to watch TV or read his books. I don't feel like a person anymore, just someone who works and takes care of my daughter and cleans. I feel like a sad robot.


Yes, that's me, only i feel like Cinderella.


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