We took the pups on a hike today, 1 1/2 miles perfect length for dogs and humans. My anxiety spiked a bit, but made myself go. It was beautiful & pups had fun. Hans even got braved and checked out the creek & waterfall (He's normally a chicken). Here's a pic of the dogs. Han Solo is the black dog & Anakin is the spotted dog (he belongs to my sister in law).

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  • Great. A little bit helps when you are depressed. I know. God is good.

  • Great job, melbrown! I need to get back into hiking with Ferb! We just got him neutered, so he needs his rest right now, but when i get back home he should be good to go :)

  • Hi LMCello!🙌Poor Ferb. Hope he's recovering okay. Hans & Anakin had so much fun on the hike. They have been playing & causing trouble. 🐶 We went to the caves today, without pups. But think we are planning on going to the beach with them tomorrow. Hope you are doing good.💛

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