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Feeling so anxious

Hello! I've been feeling really anxious lately over my stomach....for a little it was feeling sore....now it's feeling really tight and I can tell if I'm ever hungry or not because of it...... is this from anxiety? It's making me really scared that something horrible is wrong with me.... I've also been eating very healthy for the last several months so it shouldn't be my diet.....its causing my health anxiety to be really bad :(

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I'd say your stomach is telling you you have anxiety all right. You've already noticed that yourself. I'm just affirming what you already know. You may also really be hungry. I'm glad to hear you're eating healthy. There should be no problem if you eat some more healthy food in response to hunger pangs.

Have you spent some quiet time trying to see what your anxiety may be about? Maybe journaling? Or whatever method is most effective for you? I'll bet you have. I hope it proves helpful for you. I know that we all seem to have too much to do these days and too little time to do it in. And sometimes when we try to slow down, we get anxious in those slower moments. Strange, but true!

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