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What is wrong here??

I am going thru an increase of Escitalopram from 20 to 30 mgs and now back down to 20 mgs.

Clonazepam .5 mgs 1/2 a tablet morning and a whole tablet at bedtime.

I don't know which one is contributing to my anxiety. I am having chest pain, nausea (which I haven't had in years) shaky, warm feeling etc!

I am medication phobic so this isn't helping me either.

I see my psych Dr tomorrow afternoon to discuss my options. 😭😭

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How long have you been taking clonazepam?

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I have been on it for 10 years. I really think this is the Escitalopram causing this because it woke me up at 4:30 this morning and I got on my couch and played on my phone and turned on the TV and it went it went away.

I don't want to add any other medicines until I am stable again. The bad thing is with these SSRI's they increase anxiety until they kick in.

I am telling my Dr today that I will stay and 20 mgs and maybe ask about an increase in the Clonazepam just until this mess settles back down.


It's more likely the Escitalopram - I had to switch off that for similar reasons- yes take notes in with to the psychiatrist and share symptoms. Lexapro might also need to be raised so you don't feel as anxious. Sending good thoughts