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Agorophobia + Fear-based Panic


I am trying to get help with a condition that has effected my life for almost 13 years now. (I am now 25, started when I was 12) I had a sub-conscious fear of large things (skyscrapers, corn fields, stadiums, open skies, etc.) until about 15 when I became consciously-aware of what I was afraid of. Tho I still do not know why I am afraid of large things.

To make a long story short, 3 years ago the fear trapped me in my town, and a year ago I had a panic attack at work because of the fear. This caused me to slowly be trapped in my house over a months time. I can go within a 1-minute vicinity of my house, but there is no going beyond that.

I want to live again. But I have no idea who to go to. I cannot leave my house. I am afraid my relationship us going to crumble. I'm trapped.


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Hi there,

I am located in the U.S. I found this website through the ADAA. I'm not sure where it's based or anything. I just thought that maybe someone would know where to point me. My doctor hardly believes that there is anything wrong with me. And I can't venture out to find a new one. This is sucking everything out of me and I just need to find someone that is willing to help.

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