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Dealing with anxiety

Good Afternoon, I've been dealing with anxiety and it just seems like some days are good and some days are bad one minute I want go out and take on the world and the next I just want to crawl and the bed and stay there I' am young and I have a lot of things I want to do but I'm having a hard time leaving home any natural things I can do that'll help me relax enough to get through my day.

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hi, good that you have posted on the forum, you will get lots of support. I just noticed in your post that you feel that some days you could take on the world and other days you want to crawl under your duvet. both are extremes, both are massive. That's anxiety for you, it really loves extremes. Sometimes this can mean that you have very high expectations, you expect a lot from yourself in other words. When this proves to be unrealistic or even impossible, you crash bang wallop! and end up under your duvet. I LOVE that you sometimes feel like you could take on the world, it's a big place though. what about taking on a little corner of it to begin with... xx


Makes a lot of sense I'll start with that thank you.


So glad I came across this post. You described exactly what I deal with so often (feeling like you can take on the world one minute/day and wanting to crawl in bed the next) & it confounds and exasperates me to no end. I told my psychiatrist about this and wondered if this was a sign of bi-polar disorder, but she said I am not bi-polar (based on her experience with me over the years) and that I have classic anxiety and depression symptoms. She also diagnosed me with Complex PTSD due to a childhood bullying experience I had that went on for over 2 years, so I am still not sure if this also plays a part in my feeling confident (i.e. feeling like u can take on the world one minute and wanting to crawl in bed the next) or not. I've always had high expectations for myself but a lot has happened in my life over the last 8 years that I feel has basically sucked the life out of me. I also suffer from chronic pain due to back, neck, knee and hip issues (had my hip replaced at a "young" age 3 years ago due to end stage osteoarthritis) and so I have more physical limitations that make me doubt my ability to get things done like I used to AND I have an wonderful 8-year-old son that I worry about seeing me physically weak at times. But all in all the mystery and uncertainty behind the wavering feelings of feeling like I can take on the world one minute and having paralyzing anxiety the next is mind boggling to me and I feel like life would be MUCH better if I found out a way to manage this. Good luck to everyone that struggles with this & please share your knowledge if you have any regarding this type of anxiety, etc. ✌️❤️

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Hi, I completely agree with your comments. I just posted a message that relates to good and bad days. I see you are relatively close to my zip code. Would you like to chat sometime? I would like to find someone that can relate to anxiety and be able to chat.


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