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Freaking Out - Personal Space

I have PTSD, GAD, and Major Depressive Disorder.

Last week, my counselor moved to a chair that was much closer to me. This week, she asked permission to sit on the couch with me - her at the other end. Later the same day, I had an appointment with a cardiologist who, after discussing medications, etc, listened to my heart - front and then my back. By the time I got home, I felt like I was on the verge of crying. I'm a female - they are both female - and yet, I was feeling like everyone is trying to trick me into something. while the cardiologist isn't quite relevant to the story other than I really need a large personal space bubble -- I was wondering if my counselor is up to something to help me? Like exposure therapy? Any thoughts from others in counseling?

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It does sound like she is trying to see how comfortable you are with her being closer. Have you mentioned to her that you find personal space an issue? Why not say to her how it made you feel and see if she has some suggestions of ways you can manage the situation. Can you manage if they are strangers like on public transport?

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Thanks Sarah,

I think that it does need to be brought up. I had already told her that I was even afraid of coming in to her office (not related to physical closeness). I have had at least one panic attack at a store and also don't generally shop when it is crowded. I do trust her - as well as the cardiologist - I think it was just too much to schedule in one day.


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