UGH! Saw my phycologist today and that didn't go to well!

Saw my phycologist today and after talking for an hour he tells me that maybe I should see someone else and try a different approach. Like go see a phycologist that specializes in anxiety and so on. Apparently he said he doesn't know what else to do because we hit a bump and he is trying for me to embrace the feelings but I'm stuck. I'm like yeah I'm not embracing this out of body soul coming out of me attacks. No thanks. I want them to go away. I'm not embracing my weird dream vision! I want the crap to leave me alone. This is terrible. I feel like crying.

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  • Sorry to hear that

  • I just searched for him on yelp and people were complaining about him on how he basically did the same thing. " I can't help you anymore. It's time to part ways"

  • No. This is actually me thinking reality is a dream.

  • Well, it's been quite a day for you. You have been concerned for some time that your psychologist wasn't quite "getting it".What did you do today, finally look at his license on the wall?

    This is tough, but maybe a mixed blessing. A different psychologist might be better.

    Did he provide you with names of other psychologists who do specialize in anxiety? You have a psychiatrist who prescribes your medication, don't you? Or have I incorrectly remembered that? Have you contacted the psychiatrist yet about what happened today?

  • Nope. He gave me nothing. Just dumped me. My psychiatrist is also an ass so I don't want to call her for anything.

  • You are really angry. After you have a night to calm down, you may want to rethink contacting your psychologist, or did someone else refer you to that psychologist?

  • I found him myself but I just read some reviews earlier that said that he dumps people. He's not very good

  • Sorry, I meant maybe tomorrow you might reconsider contacting your PSYCHIATRIST about another psychologist or even MA level therapist who specializes in anxiety.....Sorry that I misspoke in my previous reply....and I know you aren't happy with your psychiatrist at the moment....but she seemed to be a "straight shooter" when you last had a telephone conversation with her, even though you weren't exactly happy with how she ended the call....

  • I don't think she will give me any phycologist. One time I asked for one for my son and she was clueless. These people are really not working together to help me and I'm new at all this so it's hard for me to know what is suppose to be happening. I found it weird that the phycologist wasn't giving me any advice on techniques to do with those attacks I get or kept calling depersonalization a different name but I thought eventually we would get somewhere. But nope. He dumps me. Weirdo

  • 'Weirdo?' lol Ok, even I don't like being "dumped"....but you may want to keep that opinion to yourself if you seek other help. You really weren't dumped....he told you that you needed a therapist with more experience in anxiety. That very well may be the situation.

  • I am for sure looking for someone else asap. I'm mad that he dumped me and wasted my time. But we all know I didn't think he was that great anyways.

  • If the commute wouldn't kill you, I'd have you try a psychologist I know in Tampa.....:)

  • Seriously, try to chill a little tonight. You seem to be holding together rather well at the moment, and you really weren't making progress with that psychologist. It is regretful that he didn't explain more thoroughly why he felt he wasn't able to help you.

    In spite of his manner, when you talk to your psychiatrist or someone else about another psychologist, it might be productive if you take the high road and don't talk negatively about that psychologist. Perhaps say the two of you didn't seem to make progress with your anxiety.

    On side note, Magnolia, if you don't mind telling, which doctor first mentioned the terms "derealization" or "depersonalization" to you? Was it the psychiatrist?

  • The psychiatrist mentioned that when I went to her office when this started. She said I was having depersonalization/derealization from panic attacks which I'm not so sure now. These out of body attacks are more of a dissociative attacks. People with panic attacks sometimes first start with heart and breathing and some when the attacks get full blown they go into depersonalization/derealization. That's not what is happening to me. I am going straight to depersonalization and skipping all the other symptom. It's freaky and I'm tired of it

  • Ok, if the psychiatrist is more on track than the psychologist was, better hold her close.

    Let her be the boss, even if you are thinking you are diagnosing yourself better than she is. Just ride with her and not "fight"or "push against" her.

    It is tempting for me at times to say "yes, but...." when I'm not getting the results I want when I want them. Later I realise 'I' was the one not "getting" what my doctor was doing to help me help myself. That happened today with my pain management doctor.

  • I think he is a good doctor he could have kept seeing you knowing he couldn't help you and taking your money

  • I feel like he did take my money and ran. I been seeing him for 4 months and it's now he tells me I should go see someone that specializes in anxiety when he knew for the first visit that I was struggling with that and other things that he was clueless about.

  • Most of them are just no good, how can you really know how to help someone when they havnt experienced it. Ive lost my faith in them after seeing some that just dont care😢

  • Exactly. He never gave me any techniques or anything. It was he yapping and him just listening and trying to call things other names. Just a waste. 4 months later, I still feel like crap and he didn't help with anything. Just my luck

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