The awkwardness is killing me

Whenever I hang out in a social setting with more than one person I feel like no one wants me there or I'm the least liked person. I can't tell if it's the social anxiety that does it or if people can just smell that there's something wrong with me. When we're done hanging out I think about killing myself and how I would be doing everyone a favor by being gone and how much of a failure I am for not having the skills to carry even decent conversation. It's the worst because I get pretty down when no one ever invites me places unless my very likeable boyfriend is also invited. I feel like an afterthought.

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  • Hey, I am awkward in social situations too. Do you enjoy the people you are hanging out with? I seem to do better when I find people that I relate to and I am a wreck with people that I don't relate to. Try not to get down on yourself , Instead of focusing on whether they want you there try and figure out if you even want to hang out with those people. Either way, you aren't the only one that struggles, I know I struggle all the time too. We are all here for you

  • For some of us it's hard not to compare our insides with other people's outsides. Tv and social media teach us that we need to be a certain way to be cool or to be normal. Don't fall into that trap. Most social interaction is superficial BS anyway. Find people you can be real with like you can in this forum. Some of my best adult friends are misfits and others I've found in 12 step recovery programs. People who came out of denial and are more real than the fake social butterfly's at the party. I also use a website called to find groups of common interest and hobbies. There's a place for everyone. Volunteering is also a good way to break the awkwardness and feel connected and part of the community. A part of the solution. If you are on this forum and courageous enough to express your feelings and fears, perhaps you are just more awake then those people you are awkward around. Don't judge youself harshly. Keep it real. Good luck ✌️

  • Hi it's a horrible feeling that and I guess we have all thought that at some time or another. The good news is that no one is thinking about you in those situation except you. Everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves to give you a second thought. A novel thought maybe but a very true one.

    The best thing to do is to look interested in what others say and to smile sometimes. That way people will think you are a nice person.

  • As far as conversation goes, EVERYBODY likes to talk about themselves! So ask others about their family, job,etc. And being a good listener is a strength! I have friends because I have empathy towards others. Do people ever ask about things in my life?No because 90 percent of America is self-absorbed. And don't think of doing away with yourself: it would cause much sadness to your family and friends more than you'll ever know. Volunteering is very strengthening!Consider that?j

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