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It's not your fault

Day two of my journey, and others who wish to join.

It's not your fault dear one, you were left in your time of need and love, you didn't know what to do with the broken pieces, and no one seemed to care to help you glue them back together, so in return you do what has been shown to you, you yourself hardened tired to stop caring, you left yourself as well.

When will you make the journey back home? I know it's scary, but we need ourselves, and we need to help others like us one day once we meet these uncomfortable depths within our hearts, so they can hear honestly, and something other then get over it. You've had enough pain put on you by others don't add to it.


Have empathy for yourself and others in the same boat as you

Be gentle its not your fault don't get caught up resenting others.

Daily exercise

Gratitude list.

Believe in yourself, and care for others

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