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Anxiety subsiding...but what's next?

So after about 2 straight months of anxiety attacks which included a weight loss of 15lbs, they are subsiding again. This is the first time it's happened to me since 2012, and it was even worse than before. This was blindsided me with insomnia...which is still a little present right now. I just ask all of you, whats next? Do i need to talk to someone? Do i need to change something? I just do not get why this happens and why it happens for such an extended period of time. I am such a laid back guy, and very healthy. I just want to know what i can do to better myself to make this stop forever, because it is completely debilitating once it happens. I conquered this again without pills...i just do not know what to do next. I cannot go through this again....

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Hello vibuter. Sorry you are going through the difficulties you are experiencing. They definitely are not pleasant.

You are asking the million dollar question. If anyone in this venue could answer it as it applies to your anxiety, that person would earn millions of dollars. Everyone's so different. If you read some of the posts and replies in this venue, you may understand what I mean. The need for patience is maybe the only thing that many of us have in common and must have.

You may want to try the ways you resolved your anxiety attacks previously, including perhaps seeking some professional guidance. No one in this venue is a doctor, but maybe it's time for a good physical and referral to mental health professional to assess the nature, cause and ways to deal with your anxiety. My best wishes for success in your efforts to deal with your anxiety.


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