A few months back I made a new friend at the Mosque. I had opened up to this person about my mental health struggle with social anxiety and depression. At first they seemed to be supportive and encouraged me to come to the mosque and see my family friends. They messaged on their own to check how I was doing and came to talk to me when telling they saw me as well. After a few weeks passed suddenly they decided they were to busy to talked to me anymore. They even what as far blocking me on Facebook. I know that their choice is probably a reflection of who they really are and that them rejected me doesn't mean I'm a horrible person....but when I see them it hurts still.

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  • That is horrible...what kind of people are they?? That is just plain mean. But remember always many many people are ignorant to depression in the true sense of the word....they have no idea how bad it is. There is not much you can do but forget about them, know you are the better person and move on to nicer more compassionate people..

  • Im sorry you went threw that some people can be real assholes if you need to chat message me anytime

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