Was having an ok day

Was having an ok day until I felt that weird scary hot flush or whatever it is that sends me into straight panic and makes me feel like everything is fake. I know it has to be part of this depersonalization/derealization.It must be some type of adrenaline rush because makes me feel like I want to run and like I am detached from my body and looking over from up top at myself. I don't know why I'm still in this hell but I pray it stops. And if anyone has a better explanation for this please share. Maybe it will give me some type of peace of mind. It feel like a vibrating rush of warmness and straight fear. I calmed myself down but I was going into straight tunnel vision. This just sucks.

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  • Hi Cat,

    It totally sucks. I am so sorry you had this happen to you today. How are you feeling now?

  • I am outside getting fresh air but I feel sick, on edge, panicked and my mood feels depressed now because this feels awful

  • Breathe breathe breathe. Outside and a change of scenery is good. Drink lots of water. Keep remembering to breathe deeper than you normally would. Try to focus on something that you see. This panic will subside I promise. 🤗

  • those feelings are real to you and very scary. That was great you got outside and changing that thought process. You should start feeling a little better. Take some nice deep breaths. Relax and come off that panic attack. Hang in there. One day at a time.

  • hi, hope I can be supportive. all of the techniques to conquer 'panic attacks' are best practiced when not panicking. I know that maybe sounds a bit rubbish, but it does work. it is more about being less worried about the weird and wonderful things our bodies can do! what a fantastic piece of machinery we are, we sweat to cool us down, our heart rate speeds up to help us run, our stomachs expel excess waste to make us lighter and our friend adrenalin is like a rocket launcher! without the ability to do any of these, we wouldn't survive. they are our friends, not our enemies.

    the main thing to remember is NONE OF THESE ARE IN ANY WAY HARMFUL. they are scary only because they can happen when we don't need them. the main reason that they do keep happening is because we are afraid that they will keep happening!

    imagine right now that you are going to sprint up and down your road ten times, picture yourself doing it. ok? your heart rate would be quicker, you would be sweating, your legs would be a bit wobbly and you would be quite red faced! right? would you be afraid? no, because that is exactly what you would expect to happen. if you can experience that when you are not panicky, you will become more familiar with those sensations, they are seriously only scary out of context. it takes a while to believe this and accept that you can go with the feelings and not be afraid, keep going, it is a case of practice over and over again. I really hope you will give things a go. x

  • Hi remember that uncomfortable as this is it's not going to kill you. It just feels like it. I agree to try some breathing techniques as they will be useful if it happens again.

    Also have a look at mindfulness as this might help too.

  • I feel EXACTLY like you described! You are not alone. It feels like an out of body experience that you have no control over. I'm sorry you are going thru this 😡 Meds are supposed to help?

  • I don't think meds are suppose to help. When I read recovery stories they all say ignore. It's hard

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