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A typical bad day with depression for me

So Sunday, June 9 was a bad day for me. I laid in bed all day. I didn't wanna leave my room at all. I had to go to work at 5 so around 4:20 i left to get something to eat. Since i can't drive and don't have my license, my dad takes me to work. The whole ride my dad preached about how i have changed and someone is putting stuff into my head about not giving my parents money which isn't true. My parents depend on me for money without realizing it and its so stressful and depressing. I am being taken advantage of. But anyways he is verbally abusive. He said i am using him and my mom when its the other way around. My mom has 2 jobs one full and part time. My dad has been diabled so no job. I have a part time job with barely making enough to survive week by week. My parents still ask me for money its so frustrating.

The whole ride i didn't say anything except "i can put a few dollars in for gas". I guess that upset my dad and he knows i got more money than that and wants me to keep spending money on them and buying stuff for them.

At work i was in a really bad mood. So the first 30 minutes of work i had to be on the cash register. I'm a fitting room person but my job is stupid on how they run things. People working in other departments has to get on the register to help when the lines get long. Ususally there is a cashier on each side of the store but pull us from what we are doing to help. I hate being a cashier because of my anxiety and i'm pretty sure i have a learning disability with numbers(math). I didn't have any rude customers but i wasn't in the mood to be in that position where people have to look at me and i didn't feel like talking either. I know i looked mad but i was really depressed. I made it though....

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I also don't drive and don't have my license. My dad would have acted the same way.I understand what you are going through!

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Thank goodness we can relate! My parents talk bad about me not driving and stuff but they never taught me. I have to try to learn on my own. Its so depressing because i wanna get away from them. They are attached to me. So i feel like not teaching me how to drive was a trap and done on purpose. When my dad drives me to work or the store, i get to hear more verbal abuse! I hate my life😭😡😤


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