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I am here to introduce myself.

I am a social work student in her junior year of college. I also have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 12.

As a requirement for class and the code of ethics, I want to disclose that I am participating in this discussion for a class report we do weekly.

I picked this forum because I have dealt with anxiety and depression as mentioned for a long time. I still feel I am learning how to cope and deal with my anxiety as I age. I will be posting more as time goes on, and wanted to share my experiences to help others and cope with my anxiety as it crops up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Well done for being honest about your struggles. Like you say ethically it is the right thing, but it also means that you will get the right level of support. Once your supervisor knows they will make sure to discuss all aspects of the cases and think about how they affect you and your difficulties are affecting how you see the case. It can be really helpful to your own recovery too if you have a good supervisor.

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Well done for being aware of your issues at such a young age. When I was your age, I was not brave enough to face myself and my issues so I spent a lot of time running from myself by self-medicating with drugs and alcohol . This created a bunch of additional problems and pain that I eventually had to deal with. Be very careful of the party scene at college so you don't fall into that trap. I also have a care-taking career similar to social work. I do think having struggles has made me more sensitive and intuitive and better equipped to help others. I bet you will find that to be the case also. Hats off to you both for being honest with yourself and dedicating your life to helping others.

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