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Having trouble with thinking traps

Does anybody else have trouble with thinking traps like overgeneralizing,black and white thinking,and jumping to conclusions just to name a few. I have this issue and I'm too hard on myself and can't joke about it either. If you're out there,please get in touch with me. I've been trying to improve myself for over 20 years now to no avail.

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Yes. They're part of OCD and it feels like a trap. I've dealt with them myself. Go see a psychologist for help with your thinking traps and a psychiatrist for medicine.Keep in mind, it may take multiple visits to multiple doctors to find the right fit.


Have you read any CBT books like Feeling Good by David Burns? I've gotten some benefit from reading it.

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Absolutely! They make a simple situation unbearable. I've been able to see them as not true thoughts and that helps a little...


Someone once said "Overthinking is the art of creating problems when there wasn't one to begin with." I can identify for sure. For relief, I make all sorts of lists ( to dos, fears, resentments, gratitude, goals, self awareness pos & negs etc. ) This is a practice hat helps me organize my obsessive thoughts and get them out of my head and feel free to relax.


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