Hey...I'm Amber. 33yr old single mom to two wild and crazy (little) guys! But they are my heart and it hurts to know that I could be ruining a chance for them to grow up happy since most of their childhood has been spent watching me cry. 😔 It seems like the longer I've had this depression, the slower time goes and just grasping one smile from their sweet little faces gives me more time to hope for another sweet smile, instead of wishing I were dead.

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  • Oh Amber. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes kids are what we absolutely must hang onto and think of when we are feeling totally worthless and wanting to die. Especially us single moms. I am so sorry you are going through this. Kids do sometimes see us cry and see us feeling down. But that is only one part of who you are right now. You are also an amazing mommy. Just look at them in those pictures having a freaking blast! They are having the time of their lives and it is because of you.

  • Use your babies as you life line. Just remember when things are at there worse they are going to love you snd need you. My daughters are my life line and everydsy i get up and survive cause there in my life and i wanna stay around to be in theres. Good luck and im here if you need to chat

  • Me too! Here if you need to talk!

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