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Where to start 🙈

Well today the doctor has signed me off sick, I have only been back in work for 3 weeks. I do not know how I have become so low so fast. I now have to change my medication as I am on the highest dose and am petrified of reducing my dose. Has anyone else become so low really fast ? Sorry if I'm not explaining very well, it just feels like I'm tasking one step forward and 10 back? I feel like I am sick of trying to be positive, I just want to give up and except that I am to be like this forever - only I'm scared of how much worse I am going to get?


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Sorry to hear that. The doctor said you can't work? Maybe your medicine will help you, just see if you improve in a few days to a few weeks. I know its hard to stay positive but don't ever give up. We are all survivors. I believe you can make it through:)

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