Is it normal to panic about going on holiday

I finish work for a week on Friday to go on holiday down to Woolacombe and feeling extremely nervous because of my anxiety. Maybe it could be leaving home or change of routine but I know one part of it is that my mom is taking us in the car there and I'm not sure how I'll be in the car.

I've been on holiday a ton of time when dealing with anxiety its just that I don't know how ill be because its been so long. Because its such a big thing its making me feel extremely anxious at work. Over the past few days I've been seeing improvements because my work effect and focus is good and I'm starting to eat at work which I didn't do before.

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  • Maybe its because of a change in your routine. I hope you have a good time. I'm praying that your anxiety gets better:)

  • Well done for being able to eat and work and focus that sounds like it's a big break through.

    Yes it's normal I get anxious about going away and being away from home for longer than a day. However it's good to challenge yourself I think so I do occasionally make myself have a holiday. Do you know specifically what it is you are worried might happen in the car? Is it something like sickness where you could take a pill/wear wristbands to help?

    Perhaps talking to your mum about your worries might help she would be able to encourage you, or help you face your anxieties.

  • I'm experiencing this too as my family and I are going to Chicago at the end of the month. I fear being away from home because it's my comfort zone, and there are so many details that go into a vacation I can't help but think of what could go wrong or if I have a panic attack in public. Being with my family is the biggest help throughout the whole thing and some of the anxiety is just out of excitement as well. I'm sure you will have a great time and with enough willpower the anxiety will pass! You definitely deserve the break.

  • Hi I am a really anxious traveller unless I am going with someone else. Take your phone with you and a book. Distraction from your anxiety is the key.

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