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Need help

My husband passed away in Dec 2016 was not easy for myself, my daughter and son. My daughter who was his 'angel' is badly affected as to start with she's having post trauma from the bedbugs which she encountered twice and she's now so paranoid about the slightest dirt and she's been depressed as well. I'm so helpless and worried for her. I'm at the same time grieving and missing my husband. I know she is missing him too. She has been to a couple of therapists unsuccessful but she found the recent one seemed ok. The last few days have been tough she's been so depressed and been crying. She needs help, I'm just so lost and helpless.

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That must be horrible! I am sorry for you and your family's loss. Life's so confusing as it is and even more so when you're so young, and to watch that as a mother must be heartbreaking. I wish there was something I could do to help. Are you present during her therapy sessions?

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Thank you so much for responding. I live overseas and am now visiting my daughter. I will go with her for the next session.


That might be helpful because the concept of therapy might be confusing to her as well. Hopefully with more time and care she will start to feel better.


I'm really sorry for your loss.


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