Procrastination always

Hi. Yes I'm a therapist. Yes I know how to help people. No I can't seem to do the same for me. Iv been in trouble, made up so many excuses bc of my anxiety and depression mixed w ADD that I can't seem to ever get anything done. I let people down always but mostly myself. Today is another one of those days when my paperwork needs to get done but I'm paralyzed with anxiety. Just another day in my life.

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  • Why don't you go get help for your situation? I mean it is obviously affecting your job and it is possible some of your patients have already figured out that you haven't been working "with all your marbles in order"(Someone like me can see those things from a mile away and I am sure there are others who can too).

    It is not unusual for psychiatrists to have a psychiatrist of their own so why not go see a psychiatrist and get on a treatment plan that will work for you before all this mess causes you your job and your livelihood, and that could be a hit to your self-esteem too.

    I personally don't judge people who have a mental illness of any kind, I, however, have a big issue with any person who does not get treatment for their own problem, before trying to treat me.

    I met a psychiatrist earlier in the year who had her own ADHD issues(possibly other things but the ADHD was most prominent) to tackle. I could see it from a mile away in the way she was all over the place and at the same time in the room with me. I tried my best to get her to listen to what I was saying so she could help me, but she was just too all over the place to pay attention to me. I saw her twice and afterwards, I realised it was futile so I moved on.

  • I appreciate your feedback but I do have a therapist and I believe it or not I am an excellent therapist. I hide my procrastination well and have so for many years. If it effected my patients I would not see them or take a break. This was meant as an outlet to express myself.

    Nothing more. I'm a work in progress as we all are.

    Take care

  • You are human, and that is what counts. First as you know we are people, and the work we do ( for money) is how we pay the bills. Quite frankly, I couldn't imagine a therapist listening to people like us all the time and not be affected. The person who has a big problem with others having problems of their own if they are treating her or him has a point but also is not recognizing the therapist as a human being. Teachers and others who work with people are sometimes judged like that as well. Personally, using a phrase like "all your marbles in order" sounds rude in my opinion. As you know we are not machines, and many times people who are depressed for instance are not motivated to seek treatment. Guess that other poster is "perfect." Please feel free to vent anytime, and thank you for all the help you have given people.

  • Also sorry you had that experience as client.

  • No worries. It got me paying more attention to the issues as it regards getting a more patient-centered quality of mental health care available to mental health patients too. :-)

  • You've got this. Just break it down to do little pieces at a time, one report and then take a little break- do some dishes, know you've accomplished something. Do another little report (or piece of the project). I've found with my grad school work that breaking my assignments up into smaller projects makes it easier. You feel a sense of accomplishment by getting pieces done. Eventually you'll get hooked and want to just knock it out. :) you got this!

  • Thanks! Yes a clock too works for me it's just some days are harder than others! 😉

  • I'm a therapist myself as well. I am very good at helping others, not so good at helping myself. My depression is severe, but probably like you: I have a great poker face. I try to not let it impact my functioning at work, but evenings and weekends I'm an isolated, sobbing mess. I can't go to a therapist or support group near me because I know people who work at all local agencies. So I see a therapist in another county but not as often as I should if I could see one closer. I'm on mood stablizers and I do self care like journaling; but depression has it grip on me and doesn't feel like it will let go. My personal life has been very much impacted. I just want you to know youre not alone and as a fellow therapist myself.

  • This sounds like me last year, luckily I'm in the way to recovery so life has got easier. I was ok at work, but sometimes when I came home what I had heard in sessions affected how I felt and I'm sure didn't help me recover. I was honest with my employer though and they knew what was going on so I got good supervision. I hope you have an understanding supervisor too it really did help me cope. Glad to know I not the only one!

  • Yes i work alone but have a wonderful meet up with experienced therapists in the field like myself (over 15 plus years) monthly or more as needed. And since I practice alone now it is so very important to have this!! Thank you for your story!!

  • Maybe you can help us understand what a therapist really helps do for patients suffering mental illness.

  • Well that all depends on what type of mental illness, type of therapies used by the therapist, etc. I can tell you what to look for when assessing what to look for when you are looking for a therapist, if that helps. As every therapist has their own basic underlying theory or perspective/framework they are soley grounded in.

    For myself my first thing after the initial assessment and Intake is to gain an understanding of how they "see their problem." Or their lens/schema. Then stabilize enough to get down to the real work at hand. I have to know many things about cognitive abilities, etc to know what perspective to take and what (most importantly) they hope to gain from their experience in therapy.

  • Is that sarcastic?

  • Thanks for sharing and like you I have to go a couple of hours away as well. What people don't understand is we are human too!! Thank you most of all for your candid honesty and being a therapist is truly a blessing but like most therapists I know we are great at knowing how to help others but it's hard to help ourselves:)💕

  • We know you are all humans too. Just that we also expect you to be in charge of your issues and not have it get in the way of your dealing with us is all. :-}

    By the way, are you on medication for your condition or are you simply using coping mechanisms to handle them as well?

  • While I understand your line of questioning that's something I don't care to share on a forum. But I am actively taking care of myself so that much I will share. 😊

  • Cool!

  • Sounds kind of like the plumber who fixes others problems, but has to leave his/her house for last.

  • You are very courageous, and it's sad that you have to put on a "poker face" I hope that you are able to get more help, and not be ashamed of it even if you see people from your profession. That in my opinion should be a plus not a shame. Shame on those people who would ridicule you! I am not in this profession., but I imagine it can be very consuming after dealing with others problems all the time. I hope you get to take a vacation, and do something nice for yourself.

  • And now onto my day! I'll be back later!

  • We recently participated in a walkathon for NAMI. Are you in the US?

  • Yes those are great!! Ty for your sweet and kind words!

  • Hey, here's one for you. My mother in law is in hospice care at home , and does not have much time. I mentioned this to my brother who is in another state. Other than give my "best" to my husband no response. He's wealthy, and looks down on us regular people. Screw him!

  • Ok so this is your brother in law?

  • My brother is the one with no response. My mother in law ( husband's mother) is the one who is ill

  • I'm so sorry he can't be a suppport for you. It's sad when your family isn't there emotionally for you. In the end it's his loss bc you reached out but that is all you can do. We can't change people's actions or behaviors but I am sorry about your mother in-law and know that you are there for her and feel good for that:)

  • Hi, I'm not currently a therapist myself but would be interesting in that profession but I need to be doing better myself (I thought). I think it's great that you guys are reaching out. I think there should be no shame in, even people who help others/therapists, getting help themselves! There should be support groups or something for them, in my opinion. I mean even medical professionals. I know even from supporting friends that after a while I was drained and couldn't handle it so I needed to balance it. Do you think it's because you are listening to problems all the time that it brings down your mood, etc or regardless you would be struggling?

  • By the way, I struggle with procrastination as well and time management so I totally understand that! Even though I don't want to be like that. Easier said than done to address. Don't be so hard on yourself ;)

  • Thank you 😊😊😊

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