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Just an intro

Hi I'm new to this whole thing..... I've been seeing a therapist for about 8 years.... I struggle with bipolar disorder and depression. I have a hard time coping with said illnesses so I have also developed impulse control issues. I am 19 and a college student, I am doing well in school and I guess I should be proud. Everyone in my family seems to be proud, I have doubts about everything though. I help take care of my ill great grandmother and struggle with adjusting to the fact that she is as sick as she is. I need ways for coping please. I currently write, read, meditate, and listen to music.

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Hi ShayCat Welcome to the group! I'm new here too. I suffer with bipolar as well and am currently in the depression stage. I know its hard to cope with and accept the illnesses, I totally get that. I have to take things a moment at a time. I think its amazing your doing so well in school and can take care of your great grandmother, thats incredible. I know all about self doubt. I feel like I am doing everything wrong. I am sure some people on this group can give you some ideas for coping, right now my brain is not really functioning. But I wanted to respond to let you know you have support here.

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I can understand with the whole not functioning brain thing. I feel like I'm not here. If you would message me I would really appreciate that. Thanks for your concern :) lots of love


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