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I don't know what to do

I've recently come out of a relationship with someone who I realise now never really cared at all, I'm trying so hard to be strong and I'm constantly holding back tears but I'm not doing it as well now. Everything seems to be going wrong, My car has just broken again, I have exams in a week and I just want to kill myself before I have to take them. I have a constant stomach ache from worry and hurt and I don't know how to cope

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This is just a rough patch. You'll get through it! If the person you were with doesn't care, then don't waste your time thinking about them, cause that aren't worth it. Take it easy, take things day by day. Know that this hard time in your life will pass. You will move on and have a good future ☺ Just go with the flow of life 😉 you'll be alright


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This too shall pass start taking care of yourself ...distract yourself watch your favorite movie go out to eat with a friend..get a manicure... Then start cracking the books everybody misjudges someone sometimes but you're not going too be alone forever study and do things you like treat yourself like you would a friend

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Hi Scxrpio,

You don't have to be strong. By this I mean crying if you feel like it. When you cry, the tears contain and therefore release the bad stress chemicals which are not good for your body. Your stomach ache is probably from the bad chemicals running around in your body and where you hold the stress (each person is different - for me it's in the neck and shoulders).

I would encourage you as a friend to talk with someone about the emotional side of the problem.

If you are a student, there is a fair chance you exams will be difficult due to the anxiety. Maybe you can see a student counsellor to discuss having extra time to complete the papers.

I wish you luck.


Why hold back the tears? Do not attempt to try bottling those emotions. Please get in your room and grief openly over your loss. Let those tears flow, and wail until you fall asleep. Grief about the car too, and everything else that has gone wrong in the aftermath. Don't hold anything in. Then deal with any guilt, shame, failures, and insecurities you may have from that breakup and any other parts of your past.

You could go talk to your school about possibly taking the exam sometime later as you are not mentally able to take one. You should be able to find someone to help

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