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Can't let the little things get to me

Hey everyone! I have recently been thinking a lot about myself and my road to happiness, and I think coping mechanisms and how to react to things is still a bit tough for me. I recently went on a date with a guy who seemed super interested in me and then continued to text me afterwards in a very flirty way, but then he just stopped answering me and now I haven't heard from him in days. I only went on one date with him, and I wasn't even that into him, but it still hurts to be treated like that. I know I'm better than that and that I just need to let it go, but I guess I'm just still confused about why he would act interested in me and then ghost me like that. I'm upset and angry and looking to move past this. Relationships have never been too existent for me, so this has been a discouraging experience.

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It's sad to say but he probably stopped messaging or responding to your messages due to him not getting what he wanted on the first date. You will find the right guy one day. Don't give up and don't blame yourself for the actions of others


Hmmm...some tough love here. Probably too true. Sad how people think these days.


I agree with Royal777, you will find the right guy one day. There could be lots of reasons he dropped off, but it all boils down to not being the right person or time. Try not to sweat it, though easier said than done.


Sorry that happened to you. Sudden rejection can be quite a let down, especially for unknown reasons. Best thing is to try not taking it personally and to keep believing in yourself. Cheers. :)


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