Sickness with Anxiety (Blog post)

I have panic attacks on a somewhat rare basis nowadays. I'm mainly coping with low moods, which can be just as painful somedays. But when I do have one, they're intense and often times are back to back. Recently, they're becoming more frequent.

I find that when I have a panic attack, I almost pass out and/or throw up. 70% of the time I manage to control it (with water, chewing gum, cool air and some classic Bejewelled to distract myself). Other times there's no stopping it and I throw up in somewhat humorous places (out of my bedroom window being one of them).

I feel so exhausted afterwards, and I find I have to fall asleep otherwise I'll have another panic attack. It's dreadful and incredibly scary, and sometimes I convince myself that I'm going to die!

Does anyone else experience something similar? I'd like to know what other people experience too, and what do you do to help stop your panic attacks from happening?

P.S. I'm *totally* not writing this post to vent after a very nasty panic attack, whilst waiting to hear from the doctor and to stop myself from falling asleep. 🙄



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