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Since my last episode began a couple months ago, I've done the worst possible thing and isolated myself and pushed away a lot of my friends. I'm getting to a point where I want to get back out into the world and was wondering what advice you have when reconnecting with people that you haven't been around in a while. How do you explain that depression that has kept you at bay for some time?

I know honesty is best but unfortunately, as many may know, a lot of people get flustered and don't know how to react to something like depression.

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Maybe if people can't react or treat you with respect when you explain yourself then you may need new people. I know another problem but I think it's smaller than dealing with people you want to trust that tease you. Isolating yourself isn't a bad thing if it isn't obscessive. In fact it can be a good way to heal and re-evaluate yourself. When you take that step back in just take it simple and gentle. Try not to unload your whole problem right away. Just find things that you like to talk about and start there. Most people don't need to know much. Only the closest of friends should be really informed if you are emotionally fragile. Someone who loves you will not want to hurt you.


Wait a minute. Before you get back to the world, you may want to engage your mind in some selftherapy to help ensure this does not occur again. Rather than jump back out there, ask yourself why you got in there to begin with, and what kept you there. Fight those demons, either with logic or whatever you belief. Once you have successfully done that, you won't even need to ask us how to reconnect with friends as you will just do what you need to and damn the consequences. lol


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