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I am tired

I am tired mentally and physically. I feel as though I am a walking time bomb anything can set me off and ruin a perfectly good day. I hate that I start every morning with a negative thought of when will anxiety kick in, I wish I could stop it but I can't because I know the nature of the beast, I know it can come whenever it likes. I'm tired of my girlfriend worrying about what she'll see when she comes home when I've had a dark day. I used to be so strong so tough, and now if I smell, touch or even feel something familiar my anxiety gets triggered and I break down and cry like a child that has lost his mom. I am tired of being tired.

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I know that tiredness it's awful..are you sleeping ok, if I dint get my sleep I'm far worse.

Have you tried cbt , or some therapy that suits, if your in the uk, talking therapies in your area could help. You can self refer online, if you put in your area along with talking therapies it should come up. They will usually assess you on the telephone. It's in the NHS. It was self referring formthat online that got me into the system, there is a wait for it depends on your area as to how long, but time goes quick and worth applying.

You deserve a life. It has helped me understand why I struggle, which in turn helps me manage it. Don't give up, some things I thought were not working but I stuck at it, and improvements came, slow but they came...

I wish you well.

Your gp can refer you too, I found it easy to refer myself online though.

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I've been to therapy 3 times I felt as though I was doing better but sometimes I felt worse because I just wanted it to go away. I understand that it can't go overnight or even through years. I'm just scared that I will have to live this way for the rest of my life. I live in the us, also I just found a new therapist. Hopefully everything goes okay.


I think we heal and we learn to better manage it.

Great that you have therapy arranged.

Good luck with that I wish you well

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I am going to guess you are an adult, correct? My question is why do you choose to suffer needlessly? I don't get it. We are almost at 2020 and people still don't know to run to the doctor when something is wrong?

Please go find yourself a psychiatrist/neuropsychiatrist who is able to work with you in diagnosing and putting you on a treatment plan. And for pete's sake, please try to keep up with your treatment.


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