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Dicoverying anxiety and depression

Never been diagnosed with anxiety or depression pretty sure I have both.i do also believe that it is passed on and unfortunately my 12 year old son has been diagnosed with a language disorder and anxiety. Recently had an issue with a Instagram post to his friend about him wanting to hurt himself because he felt left out, as he often does.Any helpful suggestions as to what I can do as a parent. Going to see a psychologist soon to see if he also has depression as I'm pretty sure he does.I try to stay positive and be supportive but I often don't feel that I am enough.any ideas as to where a child can take fist steps when dealing with these issues so he may grow up and have coping skills and be able to be productive and confident in a day to day life?

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Hi nice to meet you. That's the old debate - nature or nurture. Personally I believe it is usually a mixture of both, ie you can have a genetic disposition towards it and life circumstances can bring it on.

Do you know what brought your own anxiety and depression on? What did you want people to say to you when you were feeling awful? That's a start. There is also lots of info online on how to help those suffering from mental health issues so have a google.

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I like lilaclil's suggestion. Why don't you take your son out for food or an ice cream snack and let him interact with other adults and kids. When you see what he says and does, talk to him about how he was feeling and think about what you would want your dad to say to you if it was you who was the depressed or anxious kid. What would you need to hear if you were your son?


You have never been diagnosed but are sure you have it, and somehow belief that you passed it on to your son?

First of all, there is a valid reason why doctors are advised not to diagnose themselves(assuming you think yourself in this area or something). Please go get yourself a psychologist /psychiatrist to get you a formal diagnoses and work with you to structure a treatment plan that is right for you.

Be the example for your son, beginning now. If he sees mummy not settling in to the grips of depression and instead seeking help for it,he might be moved to not only seek help but know that he can fight this too. Don't just sit with yours but then expect your sun to fight his all alone? I mean how do you think he would feel if he were put on a treatment plan but then has to live with a mother who ought to be on treatment but instead shows him the picture of depression everytime he looks at her?

P.S you can't. Really hide depression.


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