Just came back from seeing my phycologist... again

I swear every time I see him I come out more anxious. And he's a nice man but I REALLY don't think he knows much about depersonalization/derealization. I was explaining to him the existence thoughts that won't leave my brain and just keep coming and coming and I know it's part of this hell dp/dr but he just looks at me and tells me to let the thoughts come and don't fight it. That's good and all but what people don't seem to understand is that this obsessive thoughts are the ones that send this Dp/dr through the roof. Also, I been complaining to him about my vision problems for over 3 months. Vision problems is common with Dp/dr. I get intense vision like 3D that makes me feel like I'm in a dream. I know I'm not in a dream. It's just a very disturbing feeling that sends me to a panic and I'm back to square one. Anyways, he just doesn't reassure me about anything. It's like he's lost too. I don't know. I been calling around for a new phycologist and psychriatrist but I can't find anyone!!! I'm even willing to go hours away and nothing. Sucks

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  • Hello HopingCat. Would you please message me. I have been trying to message you, but this venue isn't pulling up "HopingCat", just "Hoping", whom I know is not you.

  • You don't have to see a psychologist for therapy, I have a 17 year relationship with my MRC, LCSW who does marriage and family counseling. She's fantastic and has seen both me, my hubby and me together and 1 of my sons after my hubby/his father died. It saved appointments and money because she already had lots of background info on those men in my life. My gynecologist gave me the referral but you can ask for a recommendation at any doctor or call any local church, especially Methodist or Lutheran, because they often have offices at the churches for these professionals to practice. You don't have to be a member of the church or even believe in God to go to the professional.

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