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Just curious!

Hi just a quick question, just curious as with having health anxiety..

Is it me or is it a normal thing or something that I should be concerned about.. that when your over tired or exhausted to become dizzy/lightheaded!

Had a really bad night sleep with my Lb as he's quite unwell, but he never really has slept well anyway since birth and he's now only just turned 2!

And just curious as to weather that it could be something to do with not having/getting enough sleep or weather there should be something worth getting checked up at at the doctors.

All the sleep I get is all broken sleep and not good at all.. but some days are better than others, but the good days are we're I've had a pretty good sleep and those bad days are where I've had a proper dull and horrible sleep! So that's why I am curious as to weather that the dizziness/lightheadedness is something to do with the lack of sleep!

Worth an ask and nice to hear what other people's opinions/views are?

Thanks x

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Getting dizzy and light headed are symtoms of sleepiness. Heavy eyelids that take mental effort to hold up and an attention span that kinda... fades... and THEN POPS BACK Up and then... starts... to... fADE UNTIL It reapeats... itself... until you nod out or stay up to where your system is getting ready for a new "day" cycle and the "nod out" feeling leaves for a while. I believe you are in a state of sleep deprivation at that point. So the feelings of sleepiness are likely normal but the fact that you need sleep and can't get it is a real problem that looks like it may need a professional (doctor) especially if it's related to a chronic anxiety disorder.


I work long days & if it's super busy & I'm tired- I'll get lightheaded at the end of my shift. I started having vertigo before I ever had anxiety, so sometimes when I'm having a bad anxiety time- I'll get a dizzy feeling- not bad, just woozy. Sleep deprivation is what set off my most recent anxiety- I wouldn't be surprised that you can feel lightheaded since sleep is so critical. Are you eating ok- you can get like that if your electrolytes or nutrition is off too. With anything- it would be best to get some bloodwork done & a checkup. I ended up in the ER cause my electrolytes were off. Other than that my bloodwork always shows ok, but I still get dizzy sometimes. It sucks but after having it for 20 years I figured it's not gonna kill me!

Best wishes!


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