Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

We at ADAA mourn the death of yet another person whose suffering leads them to take their own lives. The pain that Chris Cornell must have suffered is unfathomable for those of us who have never contemplated suicide. While Chris is not here to tell us why he ultimately decided to end his life, there are many more who are contemplating the act of suicide. I urge everyone to listen with compassion to the your friends and family who doubt the worth of their lives and their ability to continue living. Your willingness to offer your compassion, support and help toward getting treatment may save their life.

If you are a reader who is contemplating suicide, please know that there is hope; hope for recovery, hope for dignity, hope for self worth and hope for love in your life when you take the brave step to reach out to others for help. You can call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or find a therapist in the ADAA Find a Therapist Directory.

Karen Cassidy, PhD, ADAA President

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  • I didn't know Chris but it's awful hearing that anyone has taken their own life. So sorry. xxx

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