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I would like to tell you a story about my spouse who I love very much but he has bipolar depression and ADHD. He has delusion at time and is paranoid. Im a nurse that works at night . I know he doesn't want me to work the night shift but I have work because I am the main income. My husband has been in the state mental institution and is trying to get disability. He has been having paranoid delusions I'm cheating on him and has actually went to people s house whom I or he does not know and ask these men if i was having an affair with them. I tried reasoning with him but it's like nothing gets through to him. We were separated and took him back. He promised he would quit this obsession but he has not and I feel so misrable . I just need him to focus on reality. I ask him where he was getting these lies about me and other men. He said it was on the cell phone. I need help to get him to realize I'm working not out cheating. He is destroying our relationship and I'm so depressed at times. .

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Im so sorry for your struggles.

Your husband would need to get help from a professional in my opinion, has he seen a dr I presume so. Some therapy may help.

This must be so difficult for you. is there any support you can get in your area.

You deserve a life.

Thinking of you 🌺🌺🌺

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