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What's real and what's anxiety? ?? I don't know anymore!

Hi all, thought I better do this introduction thing.....I am a 45 year old mum (2 kids 6 and 8); have a partner of 23 years who struggles to deal with it!!. I have had anxiety and depression since I was around 10/11 years old (without actually realising it!!) This was due to living with an alcoholic dad and unsympathetic mum (not her fault! ) and got diagnosed with GAD and depression around 3 years ago. Lately I am struggling to cope the extreme fatigue I have which is poss due to low iron too. No energy to do anything but sleep! Don't sleep much at night; have to catch up in day! Hence no life! I feel mostly angry, irritated and exhausted from analyizing everything...literally everything!....anyway that's only the half of it but won't bore you anymore x

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I've been dealing with anxiety that causes siezures for a while now. The thing that has kept me in reality and gives me a way to notice when I'm thinking based what's real and what is influenced from fear (anxiety) science. The facts learned from science about mechanics, math, biology, and even psychology gives me a permanent foundation to weigh my thoughts and their processes against. Another advantage is the research into the things not yet understood is very, very helpful in facing fear. I hope this helped. I'll be happy to provide any information I can.

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