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Anxiety and family

I think besides dealing with the effects of anxiety and panic.One of the hardest parts is getting my family to uderstand what is going on.I don't expect them to completelyunderstand because unless you have it is hard to fully understand. But sometimes I feel so alone in this and that I'm just a burden,trapped inside my own head. They try to be understanding but sometimes I use feel like the high strung,emotional, basket case of the family.

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I feel very similar to you about family not understanding. The other day I was having a break down and began to cry. My boyfriend told me I just need to get over it and grow up already. That really hurt me and he later apologized but I'm still so affected by those words. I want nothing more than to be happy and move way forward with my life, no matter how hard I try I just keep feeling Trapped nd lost. I'm beginning to feel like wasted space nd hoping I could just disappear like everyone would be better off. How are 2e supposed to go to our family and friends when it's clear they don't knoe how to handle it and say the wrong things


Unfortunately it's common that loved ones just don't get it. It's not because they don't love you but they just can't understand it.

Imagine if it was one of your family who has mental health issues instead of you. Unless you had experienced it would you know how to help that person? There is lots of info online about how family's can help so if they are willing to learn why not get them to have a look at it.

Don't forget too that everyone has their own problems in life and sometimes they need support themselves and cannot deal with anyone else's issues as well 24/7.

Be patient with them and concentrate on trying to educate them instead of thinking they don't care about you. .

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As the significant other. .. how can I learn, cope with and not take my girlfriend's anxiety and depression personally? It affects our time, our personal relations (you know...), feeling alone and abandoned when it strikes? It's hard to watch her hurt and hurts me and our (5+ year) relationship? Thank you, Matt


are you getting treatment for your situation? If not please get a good psychiatrist/ neuropsychiatrist to help get you on the right treatment for your situation.

i understand how difficult it is for family to provide support for a situation they barely understand but your making certain you are getting quality treatment helps reduce the burden for them and makes it easier for them you support and.learn about your conditions too.


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