weird thoughts about existence

I hate that this depersonalization/derealization gives me these weird thoughts about existence and makes me freak out which makes this unreal feeling worse. I am hoping this nightmare ends soon. It's really hell. I have good days but like I said fighting my brain. Always on edge because this unreality feeling is a pain. I am really working hard at ignore but trust me it's not peaches and cream. The ones that have experience this hell will understand.

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  • What is depersonalization?

  • Feeling like you're in a dream state, disconnected from reality. Over analyzing yourself.

  • Hey, I feel like that often myself.

  • I'm right there with you. I to experience depersonalization. It's an extremely nasty feeling. I just try to keep myself really busy. My anxiety and panic disorder Make it worse, The DP happens when I overthink too much. Gotta keep your mind busy with other things.

  • This is 3 months of hell that came out of nowhere. I just want to get my life back.

  • Well, I have been like that for years. Maybe keeping busy is a good thing.

  • Yes it does feel awful causing a panic state.There's a technique to help the unreal feeling- i think it's called grounding- do you and your therapist discuss this? Examples are- you just look around you and observe, anything, just to be in the present- like what color certain objects are in the room, how many pictures are hanging, really study details of the objects, count the pieces of furniture and feel the texture of each item, notice how the water and soap feel as you wash your hands, listen to what sounds there may be in the distance- children playing, traffic noises.Look out window and watch the leaves rustling on the trees . Sometimes if i'm out and about and it happens, I pretend i will be called as a witness to a crime, and have to tell the police every detail about the scenario I'm in and describe the people around me and what they are wearing, color hair etc. Supposedly by really observing what's around us, this "grounds" us and lessens the depersonalization to make you feel more "real". Let me know if this helps, and also what your therapist advises you on this as I always like to hear diff. methods.

  • I believe that the world we live in , the manner in which we were raised and also intelligence level and ability to see reality for what it is play a role in this problem and after years of searching I believe that you should stop what you are doing , change your life and do something which makes you happy without stress of any kind . Cellphones , job stress , traffic , competing with the Jones`s are all a part of this . Just go and be yourself if you can ......... If you have to many commitments and responsibilities you have to think about what you can shed to lead a clutter and stress free life .

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