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new here

hi im new here ive never done this before i always fought my anxiety and depression myself, never wanted to bother people with the same problems over and over again.

i recently lost my support my grandfather due to a sudden death he was my rock and my support when i needed it. after i lost my grandfather my anxiety and depression sky rocked im always lost in thought as if my anxiety and depression is consuming me completely. i wanted to got to therapy but i dont need a therapist telling me what i already know. i just wanted to ask if anybody else feels this way when anxiety and depression strike and would like to know how anybody deals with it without seeing a professional?.

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You would like to know if anybody feels what way? Lost in thought? Yes, often. I like my home quiet because I can think easily that way. No TV, radio, music playing. Just wonderful, blessed quiet.

But I do see my counselor about every 3-4 weeks just as maintenance. We have a 17 year relationship and I don't know when I might need her for a particular reason that requires appointments more often. She's also seen 1 of my sons and my husband which saved money because she had a lot of family history down already.

I think you're missing out when you eliminate a professional counselor from your life. They have a lot of knowledge and experience that you can't imagine which is why you bring them into your life to enhance what you know. How can you possibly know what a professional brings to you if you haven't experienced one? I don't think you can. And they aren't all alike. So, this is food for thought.

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Hi and welcome.

I'm so sorry for your struggles, and really sorry to hear about your granddad 😞 Always so devastating when a loved one dies and he sounds like he was such a great support. I'm sorry for your loss.

I always try to reach out to the professionals, I don't so much reach out to family or friends as i feel it can be difficult for them to understand.

I have had cbt and mindfulness, ongoing therapy/counselling and I learn new things each time, that help.

In my opinion learning to manage our mental health is important, as it somehow can keep occurring. I couldn't have learnt how to do that without the help of some of the talking therapies and counselling , etc. Whatever I told you about how I cope, would more than likely something I'd learned in counselling or therapy

I wouldn't write it off and keep an open mind.

I wish you well.



I don't have a therapist but i do use medication in my fight against mental illness.

For me, mental illness is an unwanted hump that I want to be rid of. And so therapy would not work since therapist mostly assume mental illness a part of who we, the sufferers are, in their approach and try to get one to cope rather than conquer the symptoms. And that does not jive with me at all. Plus, i really don't have triggers or issues to discuss with a therapist to begin with.

When i have something on my mind, i engage in self-therapy or discuss it with my mum or a friend, no matter how morbid the thought.

if you don't want to try therapy, at least be willing to try medication and selftherapy to help you get better. no one.deserves to live life soaked deep in.depression and consumed by anxiety.


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