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Concern Mother

My daughter has been dealing with Anxiety and Depression for several years now, I did not know how serious this was until now. She has been on medication for anxiety and it was making her feel lifeless and she went off of it, She stated she wanted to continue to be in a group setting with others. She has a 2 year old and she is home with her two to three days a week and she works on weekends and the other grandparents and I take the baby on the weekends for her, she is having a very hard time dealing with stress and to top it off she works in retail and she hates being around people. Is there a website or a chat group she can join?

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i am afraid what your daughter needs is to see a psychiatrist and quick too. The solution to problems with medications is not going off the meds but instead getting a doctor to work with you in adjusting the dose to suite you.

Anxiety and depression, if untreated, can get worse and I am afraid not a lot of people have been able to successfully overcome either of the two on their own. That is why it is important that you help convince your daughter to go back and try again with treatment.

she can shop around for doctors until she finds one that works well with het but she cannot simply ignore the problem and expect all to be well.

Talking about the problem is one thing but doing something about is a whole different level of responsibility required in order to actually treat the problem.

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I have to agree with Kobo. You remind me of my own mother, who's always trying to make me feel better because she loves me. Every subtle gesture helps :) However, your daughter seems to be handling alot on her own. It sounds like you've given support and that's really great! Maybe medication would help her? Going off medicine without a docters "ok" can really hurt the person taking it. I've done it a few times and I was a complete mess. But if she doesn't like her medication maybe there's a different kind she can take? I really think she should make an appointment with a Therapist. They've seen a lot of patients go throw the same thing and if anything, it gives her a safe place to vent all of her pent up stress. Your daughter deserves to be happy and I really hope things work out!


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