What's the procedure to prescribing meds for anxiety/depression??

Both have gotten extremely worse as of late, so my mom completely took over and one day just up and called me and told me I had a doctor's appointment.

I'm curious if anyone knows what the procedure is for diagnosing/treatment for depression and anxiety? Will there be needles?! 😱 The only diagnosing I got was from a counselor and I ended up not staying there for long.

And I'm honestly scared. Because this is seriously my last option... what if the medication doesn't help? I really can't live like this anymore. At this point I'm sure it's something chemical, but I really don't know what I'll do if the meds don't work, or something else.

So if anyone has an idea of what will happen at this doctor's appointment and can share their thoughts to ease my nerves, just so I can be ready and expect it, I'd be very grateful

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  • No, there will not be any needles. They will most likely use a questionnaire and talk to you about what you're experiencing. Based on what you share (you should be honest and share everything), they will start you off with a low dose of a medication and then ask you to come in for a follow up to see how that is working and if they need to increase the dose.

    There's nothing to be afraid of.

  • Thank you so much!! 😭 All this stuff I was reading online was mentioning blood tests so I got nervous

  • Well done, you've said it all.

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