I guess I'm not one of the lucky ones🤷🏽‍♀️ Depersonalization/Derealization

I'm still waiting here for a miracle and to come back to reality. Snap out of this depersonalization/derealization. I read so many recovery stories that give me so much hope but at the same time makes me wonder why I am still suffering. So many have recovered with magnesium and I have been taking magnesium for over 2 weeks and still nothing. Am I not taking enough? I take one tablet at 3am. I'm scared to take 2 since I'm on amitriptyline. I just wish my brain will snap out of this already. I'm tired of fearing these thoughts and body sensations. It sucks. And trust me I try hard to keep entertained and not give it power but even when I'm entertained the feeling and thoughts are still there. It's not like I'm crawled in bed thinking about this all day. I spend most of the day outside. I just don't know how I snapped out of this crap when I was a teen. Yes I also got this when I was a teen. All I remember was suffering for more than a year. I hope that's not the case this time.

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  • Hi,

    So it sounds like you are having a second bout of major depression. Have you talked to your doctor? Usually when you have had two bouts they percribe you with Zoloft or another med like that. I am sorry that you keep feeling depressed. I have been experiencing depression for 5 years now without being able to snap out of it. Take it day by day. Other wise you drown under the pressure of feeling like you need to get better and need to be happy again. Work on getting better, not a quick fix

  • That's the thing. I am not depressed and was not depressed when I started fighting off panic attacks and got derealization. Are you familiar with Depersonalization/ Derealization? It's hell. I got prescribed Zoloft for anxiety and gave me a reaction and my doctor took me off it. I was only on it for 6 weeks. My first medication ever. Now I am a very low dose of Amitriptyline that's only helping to sleep. I see my psychiatrist in 3 months but I really should call her and tell her she should give me a new pill

  • Hi,

    No, I am sorry. I did not know the difference. 3 months is a very long time. Is it possible to see your therapist more regularly? That could help

  • I see my phycologist every week but my psychiatrist is the one that prescribed the medication and she seems to just be like whatever about things. I only seen her 2 times and my next appointment is in 3 months. She keeps telling me "it's anxiety it's anxiety and you need to have patience" so yeah I'm stuck here

  • After reading this post, is it possible to get another psychiatrist? One that is more in tune with you. That really makes a difference. If my doc is booked, I can always reach her by phone or email. She even encourages me to do so.

  • It actually took me month to get this psychriatrist. Its very hard where I live for whatever reason. I can always reach her by phone as I done before but I know what she's going to tell me. She's going to have me raise my medication. I don't know if you are familiar with Dp/dr but there's really not a cure. Unless is cause by anxiety which I'm hoping mine is. My anxiety lately hasn't been bad but this Dp/dr sucks. I am going to see a holistic doctor in June and hoping she can help.

  • Yes. Please give your Doc a call as 3 months is a long time.

  • When you was a teen you probably didn't obesse over it or tried to get better. You probably just dealt with it and before you knew it it was gone...and you probably didn't have so many responsibilities or kids so you wasn't rushing to try to get better and that's how you probably recover the the first time...so have patience don't rush it just go with the motions and before you know it it will be gone...

  • Exactly! And back then I didn't know the name of it neither. I kept calling it panic attacks but now I know way to much info about it and drives me insane

  • Do everything that you normally did before this..if ignoring it is not working for you then dont try to ignore it. just let it take its course..let dp/dr do what ever it need to do so it can pass...it's not gone last forever like you said you had it before and it went away so don't give up hope...I'm going through this myself and i have hoped that it will pass im all new to this and i feel like im on the right track to recover from this by doing exactly wat in telling you...don't give up

  • Oh I have been doing my regular routine since this nightmare started. I was only in bed for 2 weeks and then after that I was forcing myself to do everything. It's been 3 months

  • Do you get alot of rest..

  • Not really

  • Do you work?

  • Nope

  • Do you have routine that u follow everyday that can probably help.. im just now getting back to work I have decided that I wasn't gone let derealization take over my life...

  • I have been following the same routine ever since this nightmare started. I'm hardly even inside my house. Maybe that's why is better than 3 months ago but still not cured.

  • For me I feel like it's not going away for me because I think about derealization every single day and it's so hard to forget about. I feel like if I didn't know what was goin on with me it probably would have already went away becuz I felt like this before last year and i thought I was just depressed and stressed and i knew it was medication to help with that so I didn't worry and before I knew it it went away by itself and now I got it again and i messed up when i decided to do research on how I'm feeling..and I find derealization and i read that it was not no medication for it and read that people had it for years and it really has messed me up

  • Omg yes that's scares the crap out of me when I read those stories about people that had it for years but we don't know their full stories. Maybe they never accepted it or maybe they do drugs or something I don't know but I refuse to get stuck like this. I'm even going to try a holistic doctor to go the natural route

  • Yeah my mom said the samthing they probably do drugs or have not accepted it

  • And also I think about it all day long. ALL DAY!! I can't help it. It's pretty disturbing to walk around feeling like you in some type of dream.

  • You have a facebook

  • Nope.

  • I follow a page on there with people who have dr/dp and some that have recover it might can help you if you decided to make a Facebook account

  • What's the name?

  • Derealization/depersonalization

  • Yeah I think we messed up when we start researching our symptoms and then reading that people have it for so long it's scary...just keep thinking it's panic attacks and not dr or dp....

  • My frieod deals with these all the time

  • For how long now?

  • At least 3-4 years

  • Oh well that gives me no hope at all. Because of anxiety or what?

  • Because of anxiety. But she said she always walked around like she was in a dream.

  • I've had short bouts of DP/DR throughout my life but didn't know what they were. I naturally avoided triggers without realizing what I was doing. Then I went through a major life crisis with my husband, who eventually died. I was already on Zoloft for anxiety & started feeling better. Then I started feeling like I was watching the world through colored glass, like it wasn't real. And I didn't feel attached to my body. I had trouble moving my arms & legs, even my eyes eventually. When I seriously contemplated driving into a bridge support on the highway one night I got my butt to the doctor the next day. He put me on Wellbutrin & I slowly started to come back to reality. I was VERY lucky that I had a primary care doctor who knew me & my husband very well so knew what I was dealing with & who thankfully understood exactly what I was trying to describe. I know that I was extremely lucky with my doctor. I still get mini bouts but I try to avoid triggers. It helps to know what those are for you.

    I know that no one who hasn't dealt with DP/DR can understand. They can never truly understand the horror of this condition or the inability to escape because it's your mind that's driving you crazy. Just know that there were people who were going through the same thing helped me too. I watched YouTube videos of people explaining what it was & things they've tried to help themselves. Try these out.




    I hope you get better, it sucks.

  • Thank You! It does suck bad

  • The videos won't play.... can I have the names so I can search them? Thank You

  • Crazily Dani - "Derealization and Depersonalization: Living in a Dream" & "Derealization and Depersonalization: How I deal with it"

    bignoknow - "What Does Depersonalization / Derealization Feel Like"

  • Thank You

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