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Hi, I think my title sums up what I've been struggling with almost 30 years. When I was a child I had these symptoms. I just didn't know it. Still struggling to stay on top of these three life debilitating problems, I am reaching out to others for the first time in my life to hopefully help each other. Either I can provide advice or insight, or I can seek it from others. The one thing that took me the longest to learn, is that self help and recovery can't be done alone!

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self help is essential if the goal is to truly overcome the worries and bad thoughts.

I started working on changing the way I thought of myself back in 2004. By 2011, my self-esteem not only improved, I learned to love life and living, learned to appreciate the beauty around me and also enjoy the company of people and even converse freely with them. however, that didn't mean I was no longer depressed or anxious. What resulted was that I no longer needed therapy since I no longer had any real worries or fears. However, I needed to get medication to treat that aspect of the conditions that are beyond my control.

while I suggest medication to everyone who suffers from mental illness of any kind, I still suggest self-therapy as it remains the only way to free oneself from physical and social impacts these issues can have on our general quality of life. Self therapy helped heal my mind whereas medication helps manage deficiencies in my physical brain.


WOW!! Very well put! Thanks for sharing.

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I can SO relate to your post! This forum is super. I have found a ton of comfort here. Everyone is so nice, and knowing others go through the same thing really helps. Welcome :-)

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