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Feeling EXTREME fatigue

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I am feeling extremely tired and fatigued. I'm not able to study for my upcoming test nor am I able to focus on anything else - I'm not able to read my favourite book, do my favourite hobbies or actively do anything else. I sleep for 14-18 hours and when I wake up, I still feel extremely tired. Any suggestions on off the counter meds to help me get more energy or what else I can drink or eat to help me?

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Drinking a lot of water and exercising can help

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I try to exercise every other day but yesterday I couldn't do it for more than 10 minutes. Will try drinking more than I already drink which is about 2L. Thank you!

Maybe your having too much sleep, that sounds a lot to me Hun

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But I'm not able to get out of bed.

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Ah I see :(

Wow. I am sorry you are going through this! I have been this way as well for quite some time. It is truly awful. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry I have no advice :-(

It sounds like you may be going through an episode of depression. If you don't already, try seeing a psychiatrist for medication and/or a therapist for talk therapy. You may also want to see a general practitioner to rule out something medically causing the fatigue (e.g, thyroid issue).

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Have you had blood work done recently? Sometimes certain levels within your blood can make you feel exactly as you are feeling. Also diet could be the culprit, but probably not if you're sleeping as much as 14-18 hours a day. I know I can sleep for 12 hours on my days off from work, and I will still wake up tired. However I am able to carry out my daily duties as need be.

Do you have thyroid trouble? Allergies? I would consider a Dr. Visit first to male sure your health is in order. (Mono/strep) If so, all of thr above about exercise and water. Perhaps it would help motivate you to go with a friend! Also, what is your daily diet?

Good luck. Let us know what worked!

please try asking to see a neurologist for assess your condition. It might turn out that in addition to depression, you also have a sleep issue.

Anhedonia is the condition where you lack motivation and interest in events and activities you should and enjoy. It , along with fatigue/ low energy, are some of the symptoms of depression.

you probably need to see your neuropsychiatrist to help figure out what medications will work to help you overcome those.

I am currently on antidepressants however they did nothing for the low energy issue and Anhedonia, so I asked for stimulants. Vyvanse works to help get me motivated and my mind active again as well as improving my energy level.

Force yourself to get up and get busy both mentally and physically. If appropriate, spiritually too.

I would have your doctor do a blood test and check for an iron deficiency. Having suffered from this for years, I know exactly how that feels and it can be extremely debilitating. Another solution is to find foods heavy in iron and see if it makes a difference over the period of a few weeks.

A sleep study may be in order. Sounds like you are you are young, so it may not be sleep apnea, but the study will produce a polysomnagraphy which will reveal what is happening to your sleep architecture. Depression can definintely cause this, but the other posters have good suggestions as well. I definitley know what it's like to 'have to' sleep that long. The first six months of last year I would sleep in bed for 12 hours, get up, go lay on the couch, and be there another 2-4 before I could 'get going'. I do take Vyvanse, a stimulant, which helps some days, but it was just attributed to my depression. My last sleep study showed that even though I 'slept', I was getting 2% restful sleep. Depression plays hell with sleep. How long has this been going on?

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