ANXIETY today, but how could I not be HAPPY?

Cleaning the leaves out of the waterfall and pools attached to the front of my house, fell in one of the shallow pools while doing this (I think my dog was actually laughing at me).

Put a letter in the mail box of the young family down the street. addressed to the three small children to come and help me place the new water lily tubers in the fountain and pools...and that they could bring their parents if they wanted. At five p.m. the entire family appeared at our door.

The twin girls are three, and one was so excited when she was placing her lilies' tubers in the pool, she was actually shaking.

It only took about 15 minutes to place all the lilies with their placement markers (which have a small plastic lilies attached for identification). That's just about the extent of their attention span.

IT WAS JUST SO WONDERFUL TO SEE THEM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY for my small gesture. Their parents told them that each day when they take their walk they will be checking on the progress of their lilies. (Each of the three children had different lily colors and markers.)

How could I not be happy after that! Our small efforts in spite of anxiety DO make a difference.

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  • That is so beautiful! Great job reaching out to others even when having turmoil within yourself!

  • Thank you. But I actually the one who benefited, I think. Those 15minutes with those children made my day. Really didn't even think they would accept the invitation to come. Had no idea my little chore would be so amazing to them. I'm still smiling. Kind of put's our concerns into perspective.

    Thank you again.

  • Nice to make others happy. Great job

  • Thank you, but I think I'm the one who benefited.

    Had no idea if they would even be interested in my little chore. They really made my day. My husband and I are still smiling.

    But thank you so much for reading about it. :)

  • You will always benefit by helping others, enjoy your evening. Hope you have a great night.

  • Thanks. A good evening to you too.

  • hi PTSDforyears

    It sounds like you live in a beautiful place 😁 how great to be able to help others have fun,😁

    I love lily's the smell is so lovely 😁

    I don't know why we are attack with this some what disabling thing.sadness,depression.anxiety's

    I just hope we can fight it better each day.

    you take care 😁

    enjoy your lily's 😁

  • Thank you and let's both hope the lilies' bulbs develop and bloom....or we'll have some disappointed little children.

    And, like those little children looking at the pool each day, I guess we just have to take it one day at a time....yesterday was ok for me which is good, but just didn't have anything happen that it separated it from the day before, or probably the day after. Just a blah, gray attitude for me. But that 15 minutes watching those three children's excitement and joy changed my attitude and made me feel so good in spite of the chronic anxiety. :)

  • Dear PSTDforyears,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I, too, often ponder this very thing! My anxiety and depression overtake me at times when I should be happy and enjoying life. I try very hard not to berate myself, but I do. Due to other health conditions, I am unable to take medication, so I have a terrific therapist that I see regularly. She has given me great tips and pointers to deal with the sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, and turmoil that I feel regularly. But, I feel like I never seem to be able to conquer it. I could easily become someone who just never leaves their home and takes to their bed frequently, but my stubborn side refuses to give in to the draw to do that. I truly enjoyed your story and envisioned those precious children getting such a thrill out of your gesture. I hope you and those little angels enjoy those lilies. And, I hope as you watch them grow and blossom into beautiful colors, that they bring you the medication of hope and happiness that will dispel your inner trials and tribulations. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you and you just keep going. So many times I read on this venue where someone basically is so upset because the meds didn't work, or something else didn't work, etc.

    I write back it takes patience, and meds can't do it all...attitude and behavior adjustments are needed too. I also have physical medical concerns that restrict what meds can be used to assist me in living day to day with anxiety.

    You understand and "get it", so "you go girl!" :)

  • Hi

    How are you doing? Haven't heard from you in days. I hope everything is ok. Take care

  • Hello, hope you are well. Have been out of the country for awhile and the wifi' s extremely unreliable.

    I'm ok, but Scooter's very ill. Started suddenly a few days ago right before leaving. Has infection internally that affecting his heart, liver, etc. Coughing heavily, vomenting yellow, and not wanting to eat or able to get food down. Saw vet within hours of this starting, before leaving the country. He did a full panel of blood work, xrays, etc. He put Scooter on heavy duty antibiotic, water and heart pills....still have a few days left for those. Vet is keeping in touch, but not much else we can do except to hope he keeps some of meds down and wait and watch him carefully. Thank you for asking. I'm just afraid this infection has accelerated his congestive heart failure, and he may not make it. We're keeping him as comfortable as possible and just trying to find something he might take a bite or two in order to keep the meds down.

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