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Need Peace and Happiness

Hi, I'm new to the Group. I was married 21 years and my husband left me for another woman. I am depressed and my generalized anxiety is off the charts. I live in Illinois in a south suburb outside of Chicago. I think I would benefit from a support group in person, but unable to locate one. I am grateful for at least being in this online group.

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We have a support group listing at

and there is also one on


Welcome Peace and Happiness. Keep a journal to get in touch with what you are thinking, feeling, your hopes and disappointments. Keep writing every day about you, this is your journal and there is no right or wrong. Keeping things pended up does not help, but getting them out into the open does.

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You are not alone there are a lot of people suffering from the same thing. I suffered from anxiety and depression for years but got through it and am not on any meds right now and if I can do it so can you. If you need an ear call or text....806 777-8142... Calvin.


Meditation and Bible Study have been a God send for me.


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