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It gets better

Hi Everyone! I'm new around here. I've been dealing with anxiety for about 3 years now. Last year, I finally decided to try therapy and It's been like night and day. I still have panic attacks sometime, and so my doc suggested I try reaching out to other people and find support. anyway Im just here to chime on other posts. It's been a struggle but want people to know that it gets better!

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Good point! Yes, it gets a lot better!! Certainly worth waiting for the med/s to work and certainly worth taking a benzo for.

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Yes, it does get better! And thank God that it does. I've just about had it.

What a mess this is to get through this awful stage with anxiousness! And how bad it is to suffer with this problem! I'm moving on now and I don't want to expect to return here and to Norton antivirus ahead of any others. Not want I at this time in my life at all. I'm moving onward and not ever looking back. Good bye!


Don't worry (I actually mean keep on worrying, it won't kill u!). I am living with her since 1979...mostly I outclass her, rarely she wins. By the way Anxiety is my GF since 1979!

You are at the right place. We all are having this problem. We have to live with it. There are ups and downs but writing intelligent replies mean that we are all survivors with no residual defects. Welcome to the forum. Feel at home please

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