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Time away from social media.... anger

Firstly sorry to quite a few people who I have not responded to over the past couple days, just decided to take a break from social media due to my anger getting the better of me and snapping at people who did not deserve it but I have seen everyones nice messages and I am listening to the advice given.

I have always had pretty bad anger and my job don't really help I guess. My job requires me to have a 'tough image' and I'm constantly dealing with fights, drunks, threats with knives, bottles etc but as I say I have always had bad anger so I can't really blame it on my job.

My anger was always controllable but when I snapped I snapped bad... since this whole PTSD Anxiety deal I have not been able to control my temper very well at all... guess I'm just getting sick and tired of this. Ive never been the vulnerable type and am not used to all this getting in touch with your emotions type stuff my therapist has been telling me to do.

Anywho not expecting a response, just wanted to vent.

Hope everyones having a great day today!

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Hey, "tough guy", glad you vented, and hear you loud and clear. Leading a balanced life is difficult enough, but I can only imagine the mental strength it takes when you need to show a dominant, unbeatable image to survive.

Sometimes when representing a man who drove a big rig, or walked the high steel on new buildings or maybe worked the banana boat docks, I would quietly ask if he, like some of my other male clients, would like a professional to discuss what was going on beneath his physical injury.

Some did. Some did not, but seemed relieved to know it was ok if they did.

So, yeah, understand you need to take a breather. It's ok that you do.

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Thanks for the kind words Hidden.

Wish I was a tough guy! I just feel ashamed that I've let my crash effect me in this way, don't even know how it has to be fair, I have had a lot more traumatic things happen to me than this and nothing. Just feel like I'm a balloon thats popped... reached my limits so to speak.

Indeed opening up does help and thats the biggest thing I've learnt out of all of this. I used to be a closed book, even my ex-girlfriend used to say that.


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